• What Home Health Owners Need to Know About Medicare Star Ratings You Care Way Too Much First off, let’s get one thing straight – you probably care too much about Medicare star ratings and your patients probably have no idea what they mean. This may be for good reason –

  • Hiring An App Development Firm It’s kind of like hiring a babysitter. But more expensive – and the babysitter wants to charge you more hours – and the babysitter might build a baby with a terrible UI. Actually, the babysitter analogy isn’t that good. I’ve interviewed all kinds of agencies:

  • A Story On Culture I recently spoke with a friend who came to me for advice after switching hospitals. She was utilizing pediatric services frequently and was having some problems at her new hospital. Notably, she felt that at one hospital they cared. She enjoyed appointments, they treated her and

  • Referrals

    How To Get Referrals As a doctor, I can tell you, getting referrals from doctors is HARD. The first step is to understand the workflow of how patients are referred. In general, you will have 4 main referral sources to cultivate. Primary Care Doctors refer patients who ASK the doctor about home care. Care Managers/Social