• Why Is Home Care Superior To A Hospital Visit? Home Care Is Preventative: The key with staying out of hospital beds is preventing severe ailments from getting worse. Home care provides individuals with the necessary preventative routines and care they need to get better and maintain good health. Whether it’s

  • Why A Blog Can Be Better Than A Medical Textbook Arriving at “facts” There are a lot of ways people churn up answers when it comes to medical advice, and I’ve heard them all.  From the trusted relative or family friend, “My uncle’s friend told me…” to the all inclusive

  • Hollywood Myths

    Bullet Removal Is A SUPER INTERESTING TOPIC  Short answer: In general, once the bullet has done its initial damage, it does not hurt the person. Exceptions include the occasional lead poisoning and possible migration of the bullet which can lodge itself in other arteries causing strokes. See this article: Shotgun wound and pellet embolism

  • Self Treatment

    People often wonder, do doctors treat themselves? Sometimes doctors prescribe their own treatment, however, this can be VERY dangerous. Doctors are by their nature, better than the general public at determining if their symptoms are something serious or not. So some doctors may choose to treat something minor. They will prescribe