• The Trouble With Falling As people grow older their mobility declines, and falls among the elderly become increasingly severe as they age. Some of the complications of falling include bone fractures, broken hips, cuts and bruises, or even and head trauma. Fall prevention is an ongoing task that takes maintenance

  • What Home Health Owners Need to Know About Medicare Star Ratings You Care Way Too Much First off, let’s get one thing straight – you probably care too much about Medicare star ratings and your patients probably have no idea what they mean. This may be for good reason –

  • Why A Blog Can Be Better Than A Medical Textbook Arriving at “facts” There are a lot of ways people churn up answers when it comes to medical advice, and I’ve heard them all.  From the trusted relative or family friend, “My uncle’s friend told me…” to the all inclusive

  • How do we know if a patient is sick? Often times we talk about “Physician Gestalt” – the overall feel of how the patient is presenting, possible diagnosis, sick vs not-sick, real vs not real etc. ER doctors are the EXPERTS at this, but we often treat patients that we think are

  • First Impressions I have seen THOUSANDS of patients, and with each of them there was always a first impression. Right off the bat, I can tell a lot about a new patient. Most importantly is sick vs not sick. “Sick” has a very specific meaning in this context. Subtle clues can often be what

  • Self Treatment

    People often wonder, do doctors treat themselves? Sometimes doctors prescribe their own treatment, however, this can be VERY dangerous. Doctors are by their nature, better than the general public at determining if their symptoms are something serious or not. So some doctors may choose to treat something minor. They will prescribe