How To Prevent Falling
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How To Prevent Falling

The Trouble With Falling

As people grow older their mobility declines, and falls among the elderly become increasingly severe as they age. Some of the complications of falling include bone fractures, broken hips, cuts and bruises, or even and head trauma. Fall prevention is an ongoing task that takes maintenance and prevention in order to reduce the likelihood of future accidents.

With such life-changing complications, it’s no wonder that a fear of falling is a sickness in itself. The fear of falling can perpetuate a lack of mobility, and as people stay away from healthy activity, their ability to prevent falling decreases. This is how falling risk can become a psychological and physical self-limiting cycle. Stopping the fear comes with having confidence in your ability to move in a comfortable environment.

What Causes Falls?

  • Certain medications such as blood pressure medicine can lower one’s blood pressure and increase the likelihood of a fall due to dizziness.
  • Cluttered living environments can be a main contributor to accidents. If someone is living in a crowded house with a lot of potential hazards, the likelihood of falling is increased.
  • Visual impairment and also lead to difficulty walking or moving about. If someone has cataracts for trouble seeing it may be more difficult to find a usable walking path.
  • Conditions such as arthritis dementia and anemia can lead to movement impairment.
  • Muscle weakness due to a lack of exercise makes it harder to move and control your body. This can perpetuate the risk of falling.

How To Prevent Falling

  1. Make sure the surfaces of floors have grip and traction.
  2. Keep a clean living environment.
  3. Avoid doing difficult tasks such as cleaning in high places.
  4. Wear eye support if you have impaired vision.
  5. Get help going to places where there are hazards.
  6. Walk around comfortably and practice safe minor exercises.
  7. Maintain bathroom safety, use handrails, and avoid getting floors wet.

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