Caring for Dementia
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Caring for Dementia

Dementia Care Takes A Family

Grandpa was walking to the bathroom when he tripped and fell in the middle of the night. Not only did that fall shatter his hip, but it shattered my family’s world as we knew it. At 85 years old, it only takes one medical emergency for mild memory failure to turn into severe dementia. Fortunately, Grandpa doesn’t remember breaking his hip, but unfortunately he doesn’t believe he even fell let alone broke anything. The surgery and recovery required months of in-patient hospital care. Little did we realize at the time, the hospital room was heaven in comparison to his next stop which was a locked floor for in-patient psychiatric patients who made Grandma look like a contender for The World Memory Championships.

Where Dementia Care Happens

It didn’t take long for his watch and necklace to disappear, but it was more surprising when his slippers and sweatpants went missing as well. At age 84, Grandma was not well equipped to take care of an old man who could not tie his shoes or remember what year it was. Nonetheless, he was eventually cleared to go home where his in-house care would begin. It only took one fall and Grandpa was taken to the first of many rehab centers. Despite Grandma’s guilt, he never went back home. The next several years consisted of Grandpa going in and out of hospitals and rehab centers. He eventually found the rehab center that he’s been at for the past 3 years, and will be at for the rest of his life.

Superior Home Healthcare

Why am I telling you all of this? Because you don’t appreciate your health until it’s been taken from you, and you don’t appreciate superior healthcare until you need it. That’s where Carenade comes into the picture. As Kevin Korowicki, head of marketing at Human Touch Home Health, said, “It’s not about helping somebody to die. It’s about helping somebody to live.” Carenade is a platform that allows you to help loved ones live comfortably by planning ahead for health care. After seeing my grandparents go through this, I insisted on my parents purchasing long-term care insurance. I’ve seen first-hand that it’s critical to have both medical and non-medical care. When you’re healthy it is easy to forget that you may someday need someone to help you tie your shoes and run the dishwasher. There are many options out there, but Carenade lets you compare options. It’s a platform that connects family members by allowing families to see a loved one’s care schedule. It lets families split payments and buy extra care in times of need. Superior care means having loved ones, their caregivers, and doctors on the same page. There are other options outside of nursing homes. You can receive the care you need at your own home. Carenade doesn’t force a plan on a patient, it fits the patient with the most appropriate plan.

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