Top Ten Tips Before You Launch a Startup

Top Ten Tips Before You Launch a Startup

Get Ready for Launch!

The day is almost here for to take off in the home healthcare market, so I’ve put together the top 10 most important things you can do to prepare for launching your new company.

Here’s the countdown:

  1. Triple check the website – Be sure any an all bugs that you can possibly find in the site are eliminated. This means calling up all of your friends and family and having them run through every possible page and feature to make sure it’s running smoothly.
  1. Man the controls – Get ready to put out any fires that could start early on. Have your tech team on standby just in case anything isn’t behaving the way it should.
  1. Ready the phone lines – Does your business have a phone number associated with it? Keep the phone on you and be ready to answer any incoming calls from new customers.
  1. Google My Business listing – If you haven’t done it already, submit your number and location to Google so you can be registered at a physical location. This will help with SEO and will also guide any local customers to the right place.
  1. Plan the launch sequence – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, friends, family, and media outlets should be prepped and ready for the big day. Get your posts, messages, and articles in order so you can hit the ground running.

Get Ready for Launch

  1. Take the day off – You should make sure you don’t have any other engagements planned that could interfere with monitoring your site and taking care of new customers.
  1. Be ready to onboard – What happens when you get your first customer? A lot of this you’ll figure out as you go, but it’s best to have a plan in place so the customer is well-informed and guided through the buying process.
  1. Get your analytics in order – You’ll want to monitor the website traffic to see where people are coming from, which pages they find the most interesting, and what pages they are leaving from. Google Analytics will be critical for identifying the user experience and on-site interactions.
  1. Test the most important parts – Walk through the buying process as if you were a customer. Sign-up for the newsletter and see if you get an auto-response back. Making sure the most important parts of the site are running is a must.
  1. LIFTOFF! You’re now equipped with the top 10 most important steps in launching your startup. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

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