Hiring An App Development Firm: Do Your Homework
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Hiring An App Development Firm: Do Your Homework

Hiring An App Development Firm

It’s kind of like hiring a babysitter. But more expensive – and the babysitter wants to charge you more hours – and the babysitter might build a baby with a terrible UI.

Actually, the babysitter analogy isn’t that good.

I’ve interviewed all kinds of agencies: the best in the US and the worst. I met with firms who faked their address to appear “All-American”, and friendly African startups willing to offer a “part time CTO” for equity.

It’s overwhelming.

At every startup meetup, I run into entrepreneurs trying to find an agency.

At Carenade we vetted >100 different agencies.

So you want to hire an agency?

First, empathize. Read about feature creep, agile development, and read about how agencies find customers.

  1. Build your DETAILED wireframes in Sketch or Xd.
  2. Don’t skip step 1.
  3. Then talk to agencies, lots of agencies.
  4. Get quotes and talk to more agencies.
  5. Don’t let them tell you it’s “impossible to give you a quote” – don’t listen the “building a house” analogy (you will see).
  6. Compare the agencies prior work, talk to prior customers.
  7. Meet them in PERSON. Shake hands, learn who they are.

Finally, trust your gut.

Remember, these agencies are PROS. You are a newbie.

There is only one way a newbie can compete with the pros.

Diligence and hustle.

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